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The First Screen-Free Storyteller That Helps Children Master Their Emotions

Developed with child psychologists, HoomKid offers hundreds of hours of screen-free, autonomous and healthy ​​entertainment for kids from 3 to 10 years old.

We have taken years of professional knowledge into a captivating and educational experience. 

For confident, happy kids... and relieved parents! 

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After the success in Europe, we will be launching soon in the USA.

More Than a Story Box, an Emotional Toolbox.

HoomKid was created by psychologists with years of expertise in child therapy and is designed as an emotional toolbox to help children deal with their emotions.

Sweet and loving animals share their emotions through 96 stories, songs, and activities. Children identify with the character’s struggles, learn to manage their own feelings and frustrations and find inner peace..
Happy Children Starts With Emotional Management. And Hoomkid Is Here To Help.

Bedtime Won't Be a 
Bad Time Anymore.

More than bedtime stories: Hoomkid addresses children sleeping troubles at its core by helping resolve emotional conflicts before they turn into full blown insomnia. Also, relaxation techniques such as body scan, visualisation, light hypnosis are subtly placed in our stories. 

Wave-free and screen-free, it is safe to place in your child's bed. The story will play and the device will turn off automatically.

No need to re-enter the room. 

Bye-Bye Outbursts.

Your kid’s soothing coach is here. HoomKid stories have a relaxing effect, reducing stress levels and helping kids cool down after a “crisis” (tantrums, meltdowns, and anger outbursts).

They also prevent future crises by resolving inner conflicts the child may not have identified yet.

96 audios to help kids 
master their emotions

1-time purchase. No extra costs.
No Screens
No Waves. 100%
96 stories,
activities and
Connection with
100% recycled

Suitable For All Moments 
Of The Day

Emotion-Management So Easy,
Even Kids Can Do It!
1. Choose mode
Two modes are available:
1. Quiet - relaxing and soothing activities;
2. Stimulation - energizing activities.
2. Choose emotion
The color wheel allows the kid to choose a feeling amongst the six major ones: joy, sadness, fear, serenity, anger, and self-confidence.
3. Choose audio
The HoomKid goes beyond stories. It also includes meditations, philosophical tales, easy yoga postures, or ambient songs that adjust to the child’s mood. 

Let's Build The Adults Of Tomorrow!

"I wish this was around when I was a kid!" 
That’s the first thing parents say when they start using HoomKid.

At Livlab, we believe our inner world helps us build the world around us.

We also believe in the principles of positive education. The earlier you talk about and understand your feelings, the better. Settling inner conflicts at a young age prevents you from carrying a lot of frustrations, fears, anger, and sadness into adulthood. Basically, it helps you grow up as a self-confident, empathic, and happy human being. And that makes all the difference. The difference we want to see in the World of Tomorrow.

Livlab: Helping +1 Million Insomniacs Get Better Sleep

It all started with sleep products, but after helping over 1 million insomniacs, we’ve expanded our vision from helping people sleep better to helping people live better.
Paving The Way To Self-Discovery
We are a team of like-minded individuals who believe in natural healing and self-growth. We are based in France.
We were founded by 3 ex-insomniacs over a decade ago.
We are now a team of 30 people.
We are survivors of routine, anxiety, and insomnia.
We’ve made it our life mission to pass on what we’ve learned along the way. We want to guide people on a journey to reaching a more authentic, joyful self.
We believe it’s within everyone’s reach to do that.
We create tools (content and products) inspired by new techniques and old wisdom, surrounding ourselves with experts in each field.

We design our products to be efficient and easy to use.
Last but not least, we are on this journey with you.

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After the success in Europe, we will be launching soon in the USA.

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